In web site www.1news.az was published the article about housing estate “Renessans Palace”:

Reliable protection against currency volatility

The real estate always was a well-tried remedy of capital’s preservation and increase. In particular, liquidity of real estate in Baku is much higher, than in other cities of Azerbaijan. In particular, liquidity of real estate in Baku is much higher, than in other cities of Azerbaijan. Dynamic social and economic development of the capital leads to increase demand for residential real estate which in Azerbaijan and so is sufficiently high, despite high speed of construction of housing. It is promoted by demographic and economic development of the country.

Today there are some ways of investment into real estate, but the greatest income promises the investment into housing, which is under construction. Approach of construction to end increases the cost of square meters. Therefore, investment into residential real estate at a stage of foundation forecasts the greatest profit.

Today at a foundation stage in Baku there are some tens new buildings. In this regard it isn’t casual that potential buyers sometimes are lost at a housing choice. In this case it is necessary to pay close attention to conditions of sales.

Many investors, who are considering real estate as the tool for receiving profit, stop their choice on a housing estate of Renessans Palace. Why? The matter is that housing estate offers the most profitable product for investors and buyers. An initial contribution is 20%. In case of 3 years internal credit, it will be necessary to pay to initial cost of the flat only 5%, 4 years’ internal credit – 7%, 5-years – 10%. Taking into account growth rates of real estate prices in Azerbaijan, it is very favorable conditions.

In addition the calculations go only in national currency that reduces the risks connected with currency volatility to a minimum. Though in many projects credit is offered in dollars, that is extremely dangerous for citizens having the income in manats.

One more, perhaps, most important point at a housing choice, are the experience and reputation of the builder. The AS Group Investment company which is carrying out construction of Renessans Palace of a housing estate is the owner of a set of the enterprises for production of construction materials. The enterprises produce crushed stone, a reinforcement cage, ferroconcrete and concrete products, curbstone, sidewalk plates and many other things. Besides, in vehicle fleet of the company more than 230 units of construction and production equipment are. Own construction complex of a full cycle and lack of dependence on import or deliveries of other companies allow “AS Group Investment” to meet requirements of the clients and to offer them the most favorable conditions of sales.

The strong production base and brilliant track record of the company, are the main guarantors of timely completing the construction of a housing estate of Renessans Palace. Since 2003 one of the leading developers of the region completed 36 diversified, large projects. Among them are the new office building of the State oil fund of Azerbaijan, objects of social infrastructure, and also the largest housing estate in the Caucasus – DIRSI in Georgia.
The housing estate of a premium class of “Renessans Palace” became the next grandiose project of the company. The developed infrastructure of the housing estate creates favorable opportunities for those who considers rent’s prospect for residential real estate. Here running and bicycle paths, sports grounds and a tennis court, squares, arbors, commercial objects, cafe, restaurants, thematic entertainment center and many other things will be constructed. The revolutionary concept “the yard without cars”, video surveillance and the round-the-clock protection will provide the high level of safety for inhabitants and guests of a complex. If taking into consideration, that around “Elmlyar Akademiyasy” metro station where actually the complex is constructed, the minimum cost of rent of the one-room apartment makes 500 manats, even by the minimum estimates leasing of the apartment in “Renessans Palace” will bring solid profit for the owner . Same it is possible to guarantee with confidence and in case of sale of the apartment on conditions, more favorable to the investor.

Persons, who are interested to get the apartment in Renessans Palace should hurry. Because, construction of the complex proceeds by dynamic tempo. As it mentioned above, approach of construction to the end increases the cost of square meters. For example, in the building No. 3 the construction already passed “a psychological mark” of commercial objects and continues to tower promptly.

In a word, “Renessans Palace” is a remarkable combination of the favorable business project and housing of a premium class.