Renessans Palace is a premium class residential complex, with the highest standards of living, where the notion “house” is getting totally new meaning, providing all the conditions for the comfortable life.

Unique architecture, prestigious residential complex with the wide range of possibilities for leisure…

By owning an apartment unit in “Renessans Palace” residential complex you can ensure of having the highest quality of the apartment and of making profitable investment in the future.

RC “Renessans Palace ” – a project of integrated development of the territory, involving the construction of 4 buildings with the total area of 2.67 ha. The technology of reinforced concrete frame has been used in the construction of the apartment units.

Warm fronts made in light colors emphasize the expressive style of neoclassical buildings as well as provide a comfortable environment in the apartments of the complex at any time of the year. In winter they effectively keep heat inside, protect from frost and windows from drafts, and maintain optimum temperature in summer, preventing the penetration of warm air. This, in turn, allows saving about 30% of energy.

While developing the engineering system, every trifle was taken into account, therefore, residents are offered the latest technological advances, from fiber-optic communications to high-speed elevators.

Landscaping, design and maintenance of the complex infrastructure – everything is made with an idea of creating comfortable urban zone of the European level. This is a small and cozy world where everything you need for your leisure and comfortable lifestyle is included.