Top-5 councils for safe housing

Recently the “AS Group Investment” Group of companies prepared and submitted to public attention the article “Seven Councils for Identification of the Reliable Builder” – http://www.asgroup.az/kiv_haqqimizda,584/lang,en/, where is described the main signs of reliable builder. Continuing researches in this direction “AS Group Investment” prepared a number of recommendations for those who is in searches of safe housing.
In the well-known Hierarchy of needs of American psychologist Maslow, the person’s need for safety put on the second place (after physiological needs). So what has to be safe housing?
Council №1: Avoid the building, which built near filling station and main gas lines.
Council №1: Try to avoid the building, which was built near filling station and main gas lines. Unfortunately, the Azerbaijani builders sometimes ignore even the most important safety requirements. We will address to the 9th article of the Town-planning and Construction Code which says that safety of the territory of building and a construction object from the point of view of compliance to the requirements connected with fire-prevention protection, protection against dangerous influences of natural or technogenic character has to be ensured. But, whether requirements of the Law are observed in practice, a rhetorical question. In Azerbaijan there are many cases when houses and residential complexes build near the filling stations and the main gas pipelines. However, the chronicle of recent events eloquently speaks about tragic consequences such negligence to safety requirements meet. In June of this year at explosion in filling station in the capital of Ghana to Accra more than 100 people were lost. Recently in Makhachkala the filling station blew up that entailed death of three people. Maybe during explosion near residential buildings, lethal consequences will be possible to avoid, but from damages of first floors hardly. It can cause critical condition all building.
Council №2: Pay attention to fire resistance of construction materials.
If you made sure that the housing estate (building) is constructed in sufficient remoteness from gas station or the main gas pipeline (at least 50 meters), it is necessary to pay attention to fire resistance of the building materials used at construction. In general, are steadiest against a major fire of the building revetted with granite, marble and aglay, that is natural stones.
Council №3: Reduce the seismic hazard to a minimum.
You are convinced that danger of explosion or a fire is reduced to a minimum. Now you need to reduce probability of an earthquake to a minimum. It is almost impossible to avoid this natural disaster. Annually in the world there are some million almost inaudible earthquakes, 20 thousand of already well notable and 7 thousand strong. From 7 thousand strong at least 150 lead to destructions. In the territory where there can be an accident are located 2/3 all cities of the world. Azerbaijan and its capital of Baku are in a seismic active zone. However, you can lodge in one of the seismically steadiest zones of Baku, which treat also the Yasamal district. We will add to the previously mentioned that the technology of monolithic reinforced concrete, with a condition of use of qualitative construction materials can provide resistance to 9 ball earthquakes.
Council №4: Choose the safe area for life.
However seismological stability not the only advantage of the Yasamal district. The part of this area is located in the center that the decision for those who is in searches of a safe and convenient flat. However, take into account, the current crime situation in Azerbaijan is quite stable.
Council №5: Choose the housing estate meeting all safety requirements.
In the most housing estate safety has to be ensured at the highest level. On an equal basis with a surveillance camera, limited access and the round-the-clock protection recently in CIS countries often is used the concept “the yard without cars” which in Azerbaijan was for the first time applied in a housing estate of “Renessans Palace”. On an equal basis with effective use of the land plot, this concept ensures safety, the inhabitants having a rest in the yard.
Summarizing the previously mentioned, we wish to all of you to find the apartment of your dream, which among other things will be also safe.