Online calculator is became available on official web-site of “Renessans Palace”
The other day the interactive site www.renessanspalace.az has presented the next innovation to its visitors - online calculator. In menu of the site was created division – “How to obtain”. By entering to this division, you first select “Calculator” and then “Apartments”, and in the next step you will find the all apartments for sale in residential complex “Renessans Palace”. By selecting the most favorable apartment, in right side of the screen, You will find online calculator. Online calculator will inform you about the number of the apartment, where it is situated, about its dimension and value. In advance we will note that at 100% payment discounts are provided to buyers. If you would like to pay by installments, you have to select the division “Internal installment”. You can choose the term of internal payment by installments. However, we will remind that it is most calculated on 60 months. Depending on the apartment chosen by you and the term of payment by installments, you receive on online calculator the sum of monthly payments. We are sure that the new service presented to the order of users – online calculator - will give practical help to all real and potential buyers of apartments in "Renessans Palace" and will even more strengthen our cooperation.