"Renessans Palace" offers new conditions of sales
Brilliant chance for apartment's acquisition in "Renessans Palace". Considering terrific interest on “Renessans Palace” AS Group Investment changed terms and conditions of sale in a residential complex in “Renessans Palace”. Bulk of people particularly interested in to own a unit in «Renessans Palace» through an initial distribution of 20% of the price of apartment. The rest of the debt can be paid covered within five years by internal credit. According to the new terms during five years with current value of the apartment your extra payment is accounted for only 10%. Given the growth of real estate prices, for the five years, the cost of your apartment in «Renessans Palace» will raise up with more dynamic pace. Such favorable conditions will not be offered even in mortgage lending. In a nutshell «Renessans Palace» is not only residential complex, but also a brilliant combination of premium esthetics and convenient infrastructure. Meet New Year with the new and attractive conditions of the residential complex «Renessans Palace».