“Renessans Palace” congratulates you on the occasion of the Ramadan holiday

Ramadan – the month of fasting one of the most important orders of shariat, which form the base of Islam. During this time even in hotest days muslims have to refuse simple man needs (water and food) and to demonstrate the power of will. They strictly have to follow the clearness of the soul, dirty actions thoughts have to be out. God will reward those, whose will will win and fulfill his wish.

The compliance corporal and spiritual fasting in Ramadan has strong effect on soul and physical health of the man. Many psychologists say: if the person has harmful dependence and is able to refuse it during 18 hours, then he is able to control himself during next 6 hours. Step by step, thanks for the such restricts, he can develop the control on himself and his behavior.
The endurance during a fasting is a sign of the developed personality, mature character, power of will and determination.

The fasting is important for physical health of the person. Refusal of food and water directs our body to the excess of fats and carbohydrates which collected in it. Thus, there is a clarification or a detoxication of an organism – normal process of reduction of the contents or neutralization of toxins.

Few hours later Ramadan will end.

“Renessans Palace” congratulates all Azerbaijanians and muslims living in various corners of the world and wish your families good luck, and to your houses – abundance and prosperity!
May Allah accept your fast!