“Renessans Palace” congratulates women of Azerbaijan on the occasion of 8 March

International Women’s Day annually is celebrated on March 8. In August 1910, in International Women’s Conference was agreed the decision to celebrate International Women’s Day. In Azerbaijan, the celebration of 8-th March started from 1917.
In Azerbaijan to women always was special relation. As wonderful mothers, Azerbaijani woman make every effort to ensure that our youths are brought up in the spirit of attachment to homeland, loyalty to the independent statehood, the ideals of freedom.Social activity of Azerbaijan woman imparts dynamism to our society. As the result, Azerbaijani women gained the right to vote for the first time in the Muslim East. In USA women gained the same rights only after five years, in most European countries decades later.
By playing an active role in social, political and economic life of the country, and also in culture and literature Azerbaijani woman has managed to save an image of mother and her tenderness.
“Renessans Palace” heartily congratulates all the women of Azerbaijan on the International Women’s Day and wishes them good health and happiness.