The 1st building of “Renessans Palace” already is on sale

The situated in 1st building 277 apartments already is on sale. In section “apartments” you can examine planning of apartments. The area of apartments is below:
• The area of 1-room apartment: 59,28-75,85
• The area of 2-room apartment: 83,71-94,25
• The area of 3-room apartment: 115,11-139,08
• The area of 4-room apartment: 167,61-174,71
• The area of 5-room apartment: 366,42
We will remind that sale of apartments in second, third and fourth building is started in July, 2014.

The housing estate of “Renessans Palace” which consists of 1080 apartments is located near the subway of Elmlyar Akademiyasy station. In a housing estate will be constructed sports constructions, commercial and social objects, underground garage, will be carried out works on gardening. The complex will be put in operation in the 2017th year.

We invite you to be acquainted with “Renessans Palace” closer. Ph: 538 29 77/78