Renessans Palace – Since 1st June the new prices

Since 1st June, in a located close to the subway station of Elmlyar Akademiyasy the housing estate of a premium class of “Renessans Palace” the price of 1m² will rise by the 100 manat. We will note that the price of 1m² in “Renessans Palace” was left without changes since December, 2014 and the it starts from 1550 manats.
On an equal basis with the favorable prices of “Renessans Palace” offers flexible terms of sales. At the case of 100% payment the price discounts are provided. The minimum initial contribution at the 2-year interest-free, internal credit makes 30%. The rest of payment shares for 24 months. At last, at a 20-year mortgage the initial contribution makes – 10%, an annual interest rate – 8% (effective – 4,5%).
You can ask, what “Renessans Palace” offers at these prices and conditions? The concept “the yard without cars” forbids movement of vehicles in the yard. From a special entrance the car will drive to the three-storyed underground parking. Thanks to the concept “the yard without cars” inhabitants will receive the yard and park of 1,5 hectares. The tennis court, the basketball platform, sports constructions, pedestrian and bicycle paths create ample opportunities for sports in the yard of a complex. Exotic trees, flowers, green plantings, an artificial reservoir create the atmosphere of wildlife in the center of the noisy megalopolis. On 1 and 2 floors of residential buildings will be located the fitness and the SPA centers, kindergarten, restaurant and other objects.
So, until the 1st June “Renessans Palace” offers you at the favorable prices the developed infrastructure, a convenient location and high quality.