The sale of commercial objects in “Renessans Palace” began

In situated near “Elmlyar Akademiyasi” metro station the premium-class housing estate “Renessans Palace”, which construction is performed by one of the leading construction company in the region – AS Group Investment began the sale of commercial objects. According to preliminary plan the total area of commercial objects will be 20400 sq. m. The persons, who wish to rent the commercial objects, can already sign agreement with company.

During the developing’s concept of the commercial objects, which reflects its logistics, profile and area the construction company also cooperated with leading representative of the sphere – well-known company in the world “Sonae Sierra”. The “Sonae Sierra” owns 46 trade centers with total area 1,9 mln. square meter and market cost 6 billion euro.

Before the defining the area and profile of commercial objects in “Renessans Palace”, the company “Sonea Sierra” conducted the market research. According to its calculations, “Renessans Palace” has ideal location for 47 thousands potential clients, living in basic catchment area. In 2017 the commercial objects in “Renessans Palace” will attract the 256 thousands potential buyers of goods and services. The official statistics and additional research in household budgets indicate, that the total income of people, who are living in basic catchment area will be 1,4 billion euro. 1,1 billion from the sum will spend in consumption (629 million euro in food consumption and 482 million to buy industrial goods and services).

According to «Sonae Sierra» calculations the total retail circulation in commercial objects of “Renessans Palace” will be 26 million euro. 7,2 million euro will circulate in food and 19 million euro in another kind of retail trade and service sector. Average annual attendance in commercial objects will be about 2,4 million people.

Profile and area of commercial objects defined according current demand. According to joint calculations of “As Group Investment” and “Sonae Sierra” it is relevant to create in commercial areas the restaurant, supermarket, cinema, medical center, sport center, boutique and enterprises in sphere of everyday services.

The cost of commercial objects depends from its location, area and profile.

Thereby by buying or renting the commercial objects in “Renessans Palace”, you create the base for successful business, many parameters of which already calculated.