The world of successful people

Man always aims to live near the people, who have the same social status and life style. For instance, in Manhattan (New York) there are tens micro districts, but most fashionable, prestigious and safety are considered TriBeCa, SoHo and Chelsea. The life here is able to afford to themselves not all Americans. The apartments and houses in these districts are bought or rented by elite of world politics, economy and culture. Because of clear advantages the cost of apartments in these attractive micro districts more expensive than in ordinary ones.

There are prestigious and safety districts in Baku, where would like to live most of Baku inhabitants. One of such a districts is situated nearby of metro station “Elmlyar Akademiyasi”.
Therefore, one of the leading regional developer companies “AS Group Investment” decided to construct a housing estate of a premium class of “Renessans Palace” here. Thus the builder makes all efforts in order to add to premium arrangement of “Renessans Palace” the other advantages: high level of safety, a three-storyed underground parking, 1,5 hectares of enormous yard, the developed infrastructure of commercial objects, opportunities for active and cultural recreation …

Considering all this, in “Renessans Palace” seek to get apartments the people who achieved considerable achievements in society and the sphere of the activity. And it isn’t casual. They have, as a rule, many general requirements to life, character and mentality of neighbors, their tastes and outlooks on life.

We suggest to you also to become part of the world of successful people called by a housing estate of “Renessans Palace”.