Advantages of the centralized heating system

December-February traditionally is coldest period of year in Azerbaijan. In this period we face with the expenses, on which we do not pay attention at the time of purchase.
The average annual temperature in Baku in winter is 7,5-10,4 degrees. Temperature in Baku is warmer than in East Europe, where the average annual temperature is minus 5-10 degrees. However, for the capital of the South country it is “little bit cool”. Currently the inhabitants of new buildings construct the heating system or buy the apartment in the residential complex with the centralized heating system (the heating systems constructed by government is not being taken into account).
Thus, what is more profitable, the apartment in the residential complex where the centralized heating system already exists or construction of heating system?
In the 100 square meter apartment area for heating by the independent heating system must be paid up to 75 manats. Gas consumption depends on system’s temperature. As the example we will consider the residential complex “Renessans Palace”. According to preliminary estimates the communal expenses in “Renessans Palace” will cost 0,7-0,8 manat per 1 sq. meter. It means the communal services for 100 square meter apartment will cost about 70-80 manat. It is approximately the same figures like in individual heating system. But communal expenses in “Renessans Palace” also includes the cleaning of adjacent territories, security system, elevator, care of green plantings, lighting.
Another advantage of centralized heating system – there is no need for construction works inside of apartment. Currently the construction of heating system inside of apartment costs several thousands manats, what is significant financial expense for most of us.
One more feature of central heating system is security. Most boilers are able to work with any fuel, what has impact on security of the apartments.
Finally, the centralized heating system ecologically pure and excludes of appearance of harmful products.