Seven advises for proving reliable construction company

Unfortunately in many developing countries the buyers of apartments are facing an occasions of fraud. The citizens are giving for buying an apartment, the money accumulated during years , but construction company does not complete the construction. The decision seems very simple – to buy apartment in residential complex, where the construction is completed. But market has its own laws. In buildings, where construction is on process, the apartments are cheaper than in building, where construction is completed. Available prices push the people on risk, which later will become the big problems. According to estimates of deputy of State Duma of Russian Federation more than 70 thousands defrauded investors are in Russia. In Azerbaijan according to independent estimates the number of such investors is several thousands. Is it possible to detect the reliable construction company, when the construction is at the level of the base? Yes. But the buyer of house has to take the responsibility and analyze the construction company.
Experts and marketing specialists of one of the leading construction companies of the region – “AS Group Investment” Group of Companies developed recommendations, which will help you to avoid dangers in buying apartment.
The recommendation №1. Do not trust to big discounts to long-term price actions. They tell about financial instability of construction company.
We are consumers and our desire to buy the services and goods cheaper is quite natural. According to opinion of some buyers the big price discounts are indicating the financial strength of the construction company. But, under big discounts and long-term price actions lurk the risks. No matter, which difficulties is facing the construction company it will not decrease the prices because it will put under questions the completing of project and its profitability.
The recommendation №2. The case of construction company must be attentively studied.
The case of construction company tells a lot about its activities. First of all the case must be transparent, the all information must be available. It is necessary to take into account the quality and quantity of implemented projects. Must be attentively studied the cooperation of the company with state and partners, including international partners. The strong construction company has to have such cooperation. And substantial partners and objects indicate trustworthy construction company.
The recommendation №3. The scales and plans of construction company also must be attentively studied.
Past and future prove the gravity of construction company. The scale of projects is the sign of trust. For instance we may examine “Renessans Palace” residential complex – the next project of “AS Group Investment” Group of Companies. The Group implements developer and construction works in Azerbaijan and beyond its border. In November 2014 in Tbilisi (Georgia) was completed the first stage of the largest in South Caucasus residential complex “Dirsi”. In the near future “AS Group Investment” will start the construction in settlement Govsan the satellite-city of Baku. The city will have the developed infrastructure, quick connection to the center of Baku and 100 thousands inhabitants.
The recommendation №4. Claim the detailed information about project.
Try to learn about project as much as it possible. The responsible construction company will not hide the information, because each project for him is possibility for self-realization. Try to get answer for these questions: who designed the project, which third-party organizations put their contribution to project, what documentation from state authorities.
The recommendation №5. Do not trust to myths and hearings.
Believe only real facts and trustworthy arguments. For instance in Azerbaijan exists the myth: if the guarantor of the project is the solid bank, it is sign of the trustworthy construction company and completing of the project. Although in Azerbaijan occurred the occasions, which prove the opposite. Even strong and influential bank could not be the guarantor of completing of the project, because its interests and influence is in other sphere.
The recommendation № 6. The most reliable guarantor is competently constructed marketing campaign, financial independence of the company.
You have to consider the producing power of construction company. If company itself provides the project with construction materials, it means it does not depend from third-party providers, price volatility. The independence from quantity of sale apartments is also very important for stability of company.
The recommendation № 7. Take a look to public activity of the company.
Must be examined, how often the company appears in mass-media, how active it in social network, which quality has the information resource of the company.
Take into account our recommendations, which as we hope will help you to make wright decisions. We wish you reliable deals and profit generating investments.