Internal credit (mortgage) only in manats

In view of rapid economic development and demographic growth in the country the great demand on residential real estate is observed. Against the existing tendencies the most part of the population constantly is in searches of affordable housing. Especially, banks and construction companies offered convenient and favorable conditions of payment by installments and a mortgage. Value of currency in which the credit was issued was not so important. In other words, in this case until recently very few people paid attention to currency.
But this important detail loudly declares itself during the periods of world economic crises, sharp fluctuations of currencies relatively each other. Therefore today potential buyers of housing look for the credits issued in national currencies. In Azerbaijan – in manats as also the income is gained in manats.
However, in Azerbaijan there are strong construction companies which have the technical and financial base for independent implementation of the largest projects and are able to afford the stable relations with clients – buyers of housing. One of such builders is the “AS Group Investment” company. The enterprises of holding make construction materials, elimination, crushed stone, a reinforcement cage, ferroconcrete and concrete products, curbstone, sidewalk plates and many other things. Besides, in vehicle fleet of the company more than 230 units of construction and production equipment are. Own construction complex of a full cycle and lack of dependence on import or deliveries of other companies allow “AS Group Investment” to meet requirements of the clients and to offer them the most favorable conditions of sales. If many builders changed the prices on the projects, in a housing estate of “Renessans Palace” which is built by the AS Group Investment company, prices for apartments remain without changes since December, 2014. And internal credit (mortgage) provides calculations only in manats here.
Providing internal credit in manats not the only plus of this grandiose housing estate. On internal payment by installments till two years the initial contribution makes 30%, and on the main part of payment percent aren’t charged at all. In case of 3 years internal credit to initial cost will be paid – 5%, 4 years – 7%, 5-year-old – 10%. An initial contribution is 20%. To it is necessary to add also simplified procedure of work with clients to “AS Group Investment” – lack of expenses on preparation of documentation, mortgage providing, etc. Everything together is notable advantage of the company.
For comparison we will note that in case of a 5-year standard bank mortgage to the initial cost of the apartment more than 20% are charged.
In particular, with the identical cost of one square meter (1600 manats) and the area (82 sq.m) apartment cost in “Renessans Palace” and in other projects will make 131200 manats. The initial cost of the apartment at 5-year-old credits in “Renessans Palace” will make 144320 manats, in other projects – 131200. The 20% initial contribution to “Renessans Palace” will make 28864 manats, in other projects 26240. If the annual rate in “Renessans Palace” – 0%, in other projects – 10%. At monthly payment in “Renessans Palace” of 1924 manats and 2230 manats in other projects, the total cost of the apartment in “Renessans Palace” will make 144320 manats, in other projects – 160045 manats.
Apparently from this example, at an equal quadrature and cost the apartment in “Renessans Palace” considerably cheaper. During too time, the sum of monthly payments in “Renessans Palace” is much lower.
On an equal basis with available conditions of acquisition of the apartment, we will highlight that the housing estate of “Renessans Palace” is residential real estate of a premium class where the requirement of modern town planning are the cornerstone. As a result of “Renessans Palace” conforms to five standards of a premium class: a site, reputation of construction company, architecture, safety and the developed infrastructure. We will remind that the complex is located near a metro station “Elmlyar Akademiyasy” that allows to move quickly and conveniently in the city.
And at last, in a housing estate was applied revolutionary concept “the yard without cars”. The movement of cars in the territory of a complex will be limited. Thanks to the concept “the yard without cars” and an underground parking for rest of inhabitants of a complex is created park and the yard with an area of 1,5 hectares.
Выгодные и удобные условия выплаты внутренней рассрочки в манатах и соответствие всем требованиям современного градостроительства превращают жилой комплекс «Renessans Palace» в достаточной степени выгодное предложение для всех соискателей жилья.