The eco-project in the center of Baku

Prompt growth of population on Earth is called one of the main problems which the world can face in the next decades. In October, 2011 the population of the earth reached 7 billion people. Though only in 12 years before, in 1999, the population of the planet was at the level of 6 billion people. And in 1804 on Earth lived only 1 billion people. According to forecasts by 2050 population of Earth will pass 11 billion people. Experts already now speak about need of systematic distribution of water and terrestrial resources among all inhabitants of the planet.
Really, places of mass dwelling of the person extremely unequal. For example, in the Sahara Deserts and Arabian Peninsula or in the region of the Far North and taiga Siberia throughout hundreds of kilometers it is impossible to meet human settlements. While in the small territory of the large cities live millions of people. By approximate calculations, for example, in Minsk live 6,2 thousand people on 1 sq.km, in St. Petersburg – 3,6 thousand people, in Berlin – 3,85 thousand, in Beijing – 4,1 thousand, in Shanghai – 3,7 thousand, in Tokyo – 5,7 thousand, in Munich – 4,4 thousand. The high density of population overloads city infrastructure, worsens the ecological environment.
This problem also didn’t pass the capital of Azerbaijan. Thanks to dynamic development of Baku migrate not only inhabitants of regions of the country, but also citizens of other states. Continuous growth of the population in the capital-city increases demand for sector of services and residential real estate. In turn excessively mercantile relation of some builders and high cost of the land plots in Baku result in excessive population density in housing estates. Of course, if the concept of a housing estate is developed competently, and the builder values the reputation, it can solve a problem of high cost of the land plots, and exclude a pursuit of excess profit at any cost. For example, both of these conditions are provided in a housing estate of “Renessans Palace”.
One of the leading developers of the region – the “AS Group Investment” Group of companies applied in this project the concept “the yard without cars” which being revolutionary for Azerbaijan, solves a number of topical problems. Ensuring rest, safety and ecological purity in a complex, the concept creates the big free territory for rest of inhabitants.
Let see the statistics. About 20% of the territory in any housing estate are occupied by road infrastructure which is “occupied” right there by land automobile parkings. If one car occupies on average 8-10 square meters, and there is 300-400 apartments in average residential complex, how many vital space in the yard motorists will take away from inhabitants?
Will live thousands of families in a housing estate of “Renessans Palace”, but thanks to the concept “the yard without cars” they will not see the similar problems! The yard of a complex – 1,5 hectares – will be completely transferred to the order of inhabitants. The tennis court, a basketball platform, sports infrastructure, running and bicycle paths round park create all opportunities for sports, without going beyond a complex. Thus exotic trees, green plantings, flowers, reservoirs – will create the atmosphere of wildlife, a cosiness and rest directly in heart of the big and noisy megalopolis. Therefore “Renessans Palace” could be called with full confidence the eco-project in the center of Baku.
In “AS Group Investment” are convinced that realization in “Renessans Palace” of the eco-project within the concept “the yard without cars”, will shortly pour out in a new town-planning tendency in Azerbaijan, and also will be adopted by domestic builders.