The concept “the yard without cars” becomes to the town-planning tendency

The successful implementing of oil strategy, and then the prompt development of non-oil sector of the economy reflect to all spheres of Baku’s life. Is built grandiose buildings, infrastructure develops, is opened new enterprises. Due to favorable conditions the demography is growing, that sets the new tasks before town-planning experts.
The priority, which claims its solution, was effective use of land. The solution the national experts in town-planning have found in increasing of floor’s number and construction of underground floors. The experts of one of the leading construction companies of the region the company “AS Group Investment” are saying the construction of underground floors is very complicated, multi-stage and resource-intensive process. It is enough to note, that the construction of underground floor is two times expensive, than above-ground one.
However, the active construction in new buildings in Baku the underground floors says about final profitability of this approach and also about suitability, if to consider the demand of inhabitants of modern megalopolis.
It is noted recently among the buyers of elite and premium real estate is formed the layer, which claims not only the effective apartment planning and developed infrastructure around the house, but also wishes to live, where is implemented the progressive idea of development of inside territory. Taking it into account the company “AS Group Investment” first time in Azerbaijan applies the concept of “yard without car” in construction on housing estate “Renessans Palace”.

The head of marketing’s division in the company “AS Group Investment” Elmir Karimli is noting, by this step was laid the foundation of the base of new tendency in Azerbaijan: “We compelled the lot of companies to change their strategy. There is now lot of projects, which has changed its orientation to concept “yard without cars”, but “Renessans Palace” continues to keep its leadership. It is connected with advantages, which project presents to its potential buyers. In particular housing estate has yard and park territory with area 1, 5 hectare. There is not housing estate in Baku with such large park and yard area.

The fact that domestic construction companies already started to follow this tendency, the base of which was laid in housing estate “Renessans Palace tells, that in following years the concept “yard without cars” will become the general direction in Azerbaijan’s town-planning.

This approach has a lot of advantages. In particular, the level of risk for young inhabitants is decreasing. For instance in “Renessans Palace” the children go out from the main entrance directly to the yard.

Besides, the concept “yard without cars” increases the useful area of the yard. The road infrastructure decreases the useful area of the yard on 20%.

Often we see that many residential quarters of Baku don’t cope with number of cars which owners park not only on the carriageway, but also on sidewalks and lawns. As a result inhabitants face household inconveniences. Considering this problem, the concept “the yard without cars” removes the level of social tension in society, offering a spacious parking.

The modern yards created by the principle of “Renessans Palace” become multipurpose. Now one yard contains not only a playground, but also a game zone, arbors and squares for rest, a tennis court, running and bicycle paths for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, and also a lot of various green plantings for ecological balance in a cozy micro zone of a housing estate taking into account that here practically there is no automobile noise and exhaust gases.

In “AS Group Investment” are sure that development of the concept “the yard without cars” will increase insistence of inhabitants to the bought real estate. As a result domestic developers will look for new, revolutionary forms and methods of domestic town planning, using the advanced world tendencies.