“AS Group Investment” congratulates Azerbaijani people on the occasion of Eid al-Adha

Eid-al-Adha is symbolizing the spiritual unity and solidarity of all Muslims of the world. On this festive day, Muslims demonstrate their communion with Almighty, enjoy the gladness and pride of being linked to divine values and show their readiness to do good deeds in selfless manner.
Celebrated so sumptuously each year in our country, Eid al-Adha rites foster equality and tolerance in our society and embody brilliantly national-spiritual solidarity and feelings of humanism, brotherhood, kindness and mercy.
Being the greatest page of world civilization thanks to its ideals of democracy, humanism and humankind, Islamic religion played an exceptional role in forging the vision and developing national and spiritual values of our people and revered progressive Islamic values and traditions in Azerbaijan at all times.
“AS Group Investment” congratulates Azerbaijani people on occasion of holy Eid al-Adha and wishes the prayers you make on these days for prosperity and welfare of our people and state as well as sacrifices to be accepted by Almighty. May this bright holiday bring happiness and abundance to your families.